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Insider Threat

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Gain visibility into potential insider threats with Forcepoint insider threat product. Get a complete view of privileged users who interact with intellectual property and sensitive systems, and an archive of their actions through metadata, keystrokes, forensics, and video. Prove intern of user actions with the ability to investigate and remediate users with a rich history of user actions and live video replay that gives the context needed to prove or disprove malicious intent. Identify insider threats to critical systems with an insider threat solution that will monitor critical systems and analyze related user actions for risky behavior indicating potential fraud or cyber sabotage.

Forcepoint Insider Threat are built from the ground up to detect insider threat activity, whether accidental or intentional. With insider threat, you get: complete visibility into user actions for insider threat detection and forensics, behavior risk scoring engine, investigations with full video replay, prevent abuse while respecting privacy, intuitive user interface with prioritized risk actors, active threat mitigation and data protection via Forcepoint DLP integration.

Forcepoint Insider Threat is trusted by customer worldwide.

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About Techgardens is owned and operated by Techgardens. Techgardens is a leading integrator and authorized reseller of Forcepoint products. Forcepoint does not sell products directly to consumers, instead they only use resellers to sell their products.

Techgardens has been providing fully integrated cybersecurity solutions to enterprises for over a decade. We understand the technology, the product and how it is used today. As a leading systems integrator, we will help you design your solution holistically, based on your specific needs taking into consideration your applications, requirements, performance requirements and budget.

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Techgardens is a leading integrator and authorized reseller of Forcepoint products with over a decade of experience deploying cybersecurity products.  Forcepoint works through resellers and as a preferred partner we guarantee the absolute best possible pricing and technical support for our customers.

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